Millions of feet have walked across the bricks of Pioneer Courthouse Square since the space was built in 1984.

The Square is a symbol of Portland, and the bricks symbolize the people that make Portland such an extraordinary city. Each of the 72,430 named bricks permanently placed at Pioneer Courthouse Square reflect a sense of timelessness and a sense of Portland community. You can become part of this rich history by having your name, or the name of a loved one, inscribed in a commemorative brick at the Square. It can be inscribed with an individual or family name, creating a lasting memorial. You may also choose to honor or memorialize someone who has made a difference in your life, such as a parent, professor, classmate, spouse or friend.

We invite you to participate in this ongoing historic campaign by purchasing an individual brick.

The $100 cost per brick includes an inscription that consists of 18 characters (including spaces). All bricks are sandblasted for lasting letter clarity.

To commemorate your purchase, we'll send you a frame-worthy Certificate of Brick Ownership - signed by the Mayor of Portland. Once your brick is installed, we'll also send you a "brick map," so you can locate your new piece of Oregon history with ease.

Buy a brick online or fill out the form below and provide payment information over the phone.

Brick Questions

Here are some typical questions regarding bricks and brick purchasing:

Q: How do I find my brick? 
A: For information on how find your brick, visit the Find Your Brick page on our Website.

Q: Can you still buy a brick at the Square?
A: Yes. For information on how to buy a brick, visit the Buy a Brick page on our Website.

Q: When will my brick be installed? 
A: Your brick will be imprinted in our next installation (scheduled for the upcoming summer) and placed on the upper level of the Square, on the corner of Broadway and Yamhill. At that time, you will receive a brick locator map and an official certificate honoring you as a brick owner.

Q: I don't see my brick there. What do I do?
A: If you cannot find your brick using our online system, please click here and fill out the required information. A Pioneer Courthouse Square representative will be in contact with you in the next 10 business days to assist you in finding your engraved brick.

Q: Do you ever move bricks?
A: Occasionally, due to normal wear and tear on the bricks, one might have to be repaired or relocated. This is all kept track of to ensure that once you purchase a brick, you'll continue to have one at the Square.

Q: How are the bricks engraved?
A: The bricks are engraved on-site by Oregon Memorials using a sandblaster.