A Crowdsourced Time Capsule Video

Share Your Story Now!

At a time in which we are physically separated, we are asking you to think back on the fond memories you have in the Square and how our living rooms have evolved over the past weeks. We hope you can share with us in a moment of optimism as we think ahead to being together again in our Downtown. It is our goal that through this shared community virtual exercise we can remember that from Portland’s Living Room to Yours, We Are Together.

Submission Guidelines

1. Read

Read through this short video prompt, and think about what you’d like to say.

2. Record

You can use your phone, or any computer with a webcam to record your video. Be sure to check out these tips to get the best results.

3. Submit

Complete the form below to submit your video.

The Prompt

When recording your video, start by stating your full name. Then read each question out loud, followed by your answer. Feel free to show what you’re explaining – get creative!

1. What does Portland’s Living Room mean to you?

2. What were you doing in your living room during quarantine?

Examples: classroom, working out, playing, etc.

3. What are you looking forward to about being Downtown again?

Examples: eating at food carts, going to the ballet, going to the art museum, farmers market, etc.


Recording Tips


Try to avoid filming in a room with a lot of background noise like televisions, traffic, kiddos, etc.


Try to keep the main source of light in the room in front of you, and avoid shooting into bright windows.


Hold your phone in landscape mode and try to keep yourself in the middle of the frame, with just a little headroom.


Please limit video submissions to one minute. Remember, you can always record a few versions and send the one you’re happiest with.