How Do I Find My Brick?

For information on how find your brick, visit the Find Your Brick page.

I Can't Find My Brick. What Should I Do?

If you cannot find your brick using our online system, please click here and fill out the required information. A Pioneer Courthouse Square representative will be in contact with you to assist you in locating your brick within two business days.

Can I Still Buy a Brick at the Square?

Yes. For information on how to buy a brick, visit the Buy a Brick page.

I Am Purchasing Multiple Bricks. Can They Be Placed Next to Each Other?

Due to the volume of bricks being engraved, we cannot guarantee the location of any personalized bricks.

Will I Receive a Brick in the Mail?

No, you will not be mailed a physical brick. After ordering a brick, you will receive an email receipt confirming the desired inscription, along with a gift email letter or gift note card if the order indicated the purchased brick is a gift. Once the brick has been engraved, you will receive an official certificate honoring you as a brick owner.

When Will My Brick Be Engraved?

Based upon the time of purchase, your brick will be engraved in the Summer or Fall on the upper level of the Square. Brick engraving is a weather-dependent process that requires dry, warm weather. After your brick has been engraved, you will receive an official certificate honoring you as a brick owner.

How Are the Bricks Engraved?

The bricks are engraved on-site using a sandblaster.

How Long Will My Brick Exist in the Square?

Your brick will remain for the life of the Square. Pioneer Courthouse Square reserves the right to relocate bricks from time to time to accommodate maintenance needs. Updated brick locations will be provided via our online brick finder.

Will My Brick Ever Be Moved?

Bricks are subject to relocation within the Square due to maintenance.

Can My Brick Ever Be Covered Up?

Bricks may be temporarily covered during events or routine maintenance.

Why Are All Brick Sales Final?

Brick sales are considered a charitable contribution to a non-profit. $95 of every brick purchase is tax deductible in accordance with the IRS Service Code Section 170 (f) (8) as no goods or services were provided in return for your contribution. Our Tax ID# is 93-0847710.

How Can I Get Another Copy of My Brick Certificate?

To obtain additional copies of your original brick certificate, please contact our administrative office. Reprinting of brick certificates will incur a printing charge of $35 and a shipping charge of $2.50 per certificate. Emailing of digital copies of brick certificates will incur a $20 design and handling fee.

Where Can I Find a Map of the Celebrity Named Bricks?

A map of celebrity named bricks can be found here.