Pioneer Courthouse Square is where Portland comes together. Through arts, culture, and civic programming, the nonprofit operating The Square strives to be the foundation of a diverse and thriving downtown, and in turn a better Portland. With more than 300 events per year, The Square is home to many of Portland’s favorite community traditions including concerts, festivals of food and drink, and cultural celebrations.

Our Goals

To be stewards of the park.

For The Square to serve its purpose as Portland’s living room, it’s essential that it be clean, safe, and accessible to all.

To activate the city.

Our organization plans and executes some of Portland’s most exciting live events and beloved traditions. We offer The Square as a living canvas for the diversity, creativity, and generosity for which the city is known.

To be a collaborative conduit for the community.

Fostering healthy relationships within the community, The Square listens to Portlanders and quickly directs resources and attention toward their ideas, needs, and visions.

To create sustainable funding for The Square’s present and future.

Through collaborative fundraising, events, brick sales, and management of civic resources, we execute a strategic plan for the present, and ensure that The Square is in a position to serve the community in the future.